Friday, 14 July 2017

More Information


Yes, following the very successful events held in 1998 and 2008, the international Gathering of the Carden Clan is happening again in 2018.

Once again we are planning a two-location event based on those two UK hotbeds of Carden activity – Sussex and Cheshire. Detailed plans are being developed, repeating some items that proved so popular in earlier Gatherings but with some significant new activities as well.

The purpose of this circular is to let you know the dates and basic format.  Please feel free to pass it on to anybody you think might be interested.

We will start on Friday, 14th September 2018 at Lewes in East Sussex. (  Here, thanks to some valuable local connections, we have booked the use of the Town Hall of this historic borough for three days. As in the past, an exhibition of Carden memorabilia will be laid on and various local activities organised including a Civic Reception. Of course there will be suitable opportunities for checking out the local cuisine to say nothing of the local brewery and vineyards. Some local activities may not be available over the weekend so we may actually start on Thursday 13th.

Then on Monday , September 17th we will transfer to the place it all began (so they say) the border area between Cheshire, England and Wrexham, Wales centred on our own public house, the “Carden Arms” at Tilston (  As in 2008, suitable transport facilities to make the transfer, and return, will be provided for those who need it.
Again it will be a mix of the old and the new.  Last time the visits to the Carden Park Hotel ( and the nearby Carden Park mansion were great attractions. This leg of the Gathering will end on Wednesday, 19th September.

Later in the year we will circulate a much more detailed programme together with an accommodation list for both venues, covering all price ranges, and booking information.  Please do let us know if you have any particular requests for activities. Needless to say the patriarch, Arthur Carden, is yet again very much involved in all this.

We both look forward to renewing some wonderful old acquaintances and making some great new ones.

David Carden, Brighton -                                             
Richard Carden, Fishmoyne –